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Step 1:  Register to Vote

Get registered to vote for the upcoming election,
or check your registration status using
Indiana's Voter P
ortal Website!

To vote, you must be ...

1.  A U.S. citizen.
2.  A resident of Indiana.
3.  At least 18 years old on
or before the election.
4.  Not currently in prison.
5.  Lived for at least 30 days
at your current residence.

6.  Registered to vote.

The Registration Deadline is
October 10, 2023

Step 2:  Decide How to Vote

Indiana offers multiple ways to vote
so that you don't have to vo
te on Election Day.

Vote Absentee-By-Mail

Early Voting begins on October 27, 2023

Log in to the Voter Portal at

On the left side click "Absentee Voting"
and then choose "Vote by Mail."

Verify your information and then complete the online form.

Submit your application and if approved, your election ballot

will be mailed to you with further instructions.

Absentee Ap
plication PDF

Application Deadline: 10/16/2022 at 11:59 PM

Absentee Ballot Deadline: received by the
Porter County Board of Elections no
later than 12 PM, 11/6/2023

Vote Absentee-In-Person

Early Voting begins on October 27, 2023

Each county has different dates and locations.
Go to to find

where and when you can vote early

Step 3:  Cast Your Ballot

Voting early and in-person is available
from 10/27/2023 to 11/6/2023

Casting your ballot either by mail or in person on
n Day has certain requirements.

Absentee-By-Mail Ballot:
For your vote to be counted, your ballot must be
delivered to your County Board of Elections
by Nov. 6, 2023, by 12 P
M local time.

County election officials must have possession of the
ballot by this deadline; postmarks – even if dated on or
before the date of the election – cannot be considered on time.

Absentee-In-Person Ballot:
To vote early in person, you must arrive at
your early voting location during open hours.

A valid photo ID is required to vote early in person.

Click here to see what is a valid ID to vote in Indiana

Election Day is
November 7, 2023

Voting on Election Day is open from
6 AM to 6 PM
local time.

Anyone who is in line to vote BEFORE
6 PM is allowed to vote.

To find a polling location go to the
Porter County Board of Elections Website.

Use the Indiana Voter Portal by clicking
"Find Your Polling Place" to be prepared on Election Day.

A valid photo ID is REQUIRED to vote on Election Day.

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