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My name is Ellen Kapitan.  My passions in the community center around environmental stewardship, historic preservation, pedestrian safety, transparent and accessible government, and equitable opportunities. I serve on the Porter County Museum Foundation Board, I am president of the Central Neighborhood Association, and I am a fourth-year president of South Shore Roller Derby. I currently work in administration for the Recycling and Waste Reduction District of Porter County. I have also served one year as a Court Appointed Special Advocate for Children (CASA) with the Family & Youth Services Bureau. 


I believe in good government.  Good government is engagement, asking questions, listening to concerns, understanding the people you represent, and responding to constituents. It is being transparent, and forward-thinking. Good government is a culture of accepting public comment.  Good government is boldly improving life for all by investing in and nourishing our community.

My candidacy is an opportunity to show the community what diverse backgrounds and perspectives bring to city leadership- to get away from a future based on limited perspective, limited demographics, and personal interest. This is an opportunity to recognize and engage the voices of all residents in local government and make changes that benefit our entire community.  


Join me and be part of a Valparaiso that will boldly embrace our future while remaining a steward of the qualities and traditions of our city that make this community unique. Every voice is powerful, you just have to use it.


Learn more about the Valparaiso Democratic Committee and the rest of this year's Democratic candidates.

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